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What Shean Lodge Fishery Clients Say

Shean Lodge Fishery Mayo

Of course, what you’d really like to see are comments from other anglers who have been to Shean Lodge and fished its waters.
Here is just a selection of entries from our Visitors’ Book, letters and emails:

"I’ve been fishing in Ireland, specially Mayo, since 1988, and I felt in love with Shean Lodge, I think is the best fishery in Europe.  I can remember the unbelievable 1996 when, with my wife, we had 32 salmon fillets smoked by Mrs Clarke.  I’ve published several articles in Europe about fishing in Ireland, in my last two trips (2011-2012) I was with Markus Muller, close friend, fantastic angler and manager who you all well know… I’ve mentioned you all in the article published in issues 2 and 3 of Flyline Magazine 2014. Ciao from Italy!"

Doriano Maglione, contributor to Flyline Magazine, Italy, and La Pesca, Switzerland

"Shean is one truly magical place to cast a fly for salmon and sea trout.  Just home from our 16th year on the Owenduff and the place has lost none of its charm.  The whole experience is much more than just fishing.  A week at Shean Lodge means early mornings in a totally quiet, unspoilt landscape and unpolluted water with salmon and sea trout eager to rise to your fly when conditions are favourable. Then, back to the Lodge in the evening where long dinners are followed by conversation at the turf fire late into the night. I can’t wait to return."

Alan Morrow

“Great thrill to catch the first salmon of my life (13lbs) in the Kiln Pool.”   Tiny Howard

“Such memories, never to be forgotten - as of yore.” South African visitor

“Many thanks from both of us for a lovely and extended week end.” D. Brien, Scotland

“Very enjoyable week end--- 10 salmon.” G. Briscoe

“I caught my first salmon (6 years) - 9lbs.”  Colm

“This is a wonderful spot. I have enjoyed every minute of it.”  Susan Gibbs, Dublin

“If there’s heaven on earth ‘Tis this,’Tis this, ‘Tis this.” Archie Moore, Armagh

“I’ve fished in many places but never in a better river nor with such nice people. My first salmon (10lbs).” Alan Williams, Johannesburg

“All good things come to an end. Wonderful fishing and hospitality. 17 salmon.”  G. Briscoe

Fly fishing on the Owenduff River

"We had some splendid fishing on the Owenduff this year on your beat and that of Rock House. From what I have seen over the last few years, not only has the run of spring salmon improved, but there is also a run of summer salmon, i.e. multi-sea-winter fish that do not enter the system until June/July (or even August). Whilst I have not seen any scale analysis to confirm this, I think it is fairly certain as there have been fresh fish coming in that are too big to be grilse (i.e. over seven pounds) and, in any case, they are the shape of springers, deep and thick bodied.

Two years ago, Sean Lysaght and I went to look for spawning fish on the Rock House beat between Christmas and New Year. We had a great time and must have seen over forty salmon in their breeding livery in the shallows, including one huge fish that I believe must have been close to twenty pounds. I'm hoping we can repeat the visit this winter if the weather is amenable."

Chris - Castlebar

"Fished this part of the Owenduff for the first time at the end of March 2013.The owners were generous enough to let me fish both beats as they were not booked. The small flood that had come 3 days earlier had pretty much run off so any success was always going to be an outside chance.

What a lovely river to fish, Beat 1 has lots of slow flowing pools which are ideal for across and down when water levels would be sufficient and a suitable wind. My days were dry and bright with a biting east breeze and frost every night, not conducive to good fishing, nevertheless I enjoyed my first day. These same pools would be the stuff of dreams with the right wind and fish in for backing up.

Beat 2 day 2 is much more of a highland river with long pools, nice runs and lots of outcrops is so full of character and so remote that I would never tire of casting a fly over its surface when the water levels would be right even if the salmon were proving stubborn. Access is excellent at both beats, for Beat 2 you just need to have lots of stamina but after a day walking Beat 2 you will definitely be feeling the overwhelming desire to visit this fishery again and pray that the rain gods will be looking down on you the day before you go there. The fishery owners were very cordial to deal with and so my thanks to them once again."

Seamus Nee

Shean Lodge Fishery Owenduff River