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Shean Lodge Fishery Beat Two

Beat Two Shean Lodge Fishery Maudie's Pool

Beat Two does not have its own dedicated lodge, but we can recommended good quality local accommodation.

Please note, catch and release is not mandatory on our waters and is not expected to be so.

sea trout aug2015


owenduff aug2015 03

Beat Two consists of fourteen named pools, there is a map and photographs of some of the pools in the Gallery below. The pools extend for approximately 4 Kms of river, providing fly only angling for 4 rods. The fishery includes both banks except for Roger's pool, which is fished from the west side only.

On the upper river starting at the bridge to Molloy’s pool, there is reasonable access for an active person and again at the lower section of the river between Roger’s and Bridge pools. On the other hand, the central part of the fishery does require the angler to have a degree of physical stamina. The reward for the fit angler is to experience the vastness of the beautiful scenery as his only company; and the chance to catch a fish under the same conditions that would have been experienced by The Reverend Maxwell in his book “Wild Sports of the West." A Guide can be hired for Beat Two at the client's expense.

Apart from one or two small sections, our stretch of the Owenduff River is mobile phone friendly throughout.

Our videos lower on this this page will give you an impression of this stretch of the Owenduff River.

Beat Two Owenduff River Shean LodgeOther Waters:

Tarsaughaun River

Tarsaughaun River is a tributary of the Owenduff River can be fished by two Rods by arrangement with our resident Guide.  The Shean Lodge Fishery is on the south bank only and extends for about 2 km. It has more than ten recognisable pools. It is often fished if the main river is dirty or too high. The Tarsaughaun (if the gods are with you!) is an unforgettable angling experience. What makes it different is the tumbling water of the mountain stream, where in many places it has cut its way through solid sandstone to get access to the main river. Salmon and sea trout and grilse can be taken. The river begins to fish from mid-May and, if there is a run on the river, can be productive until the end of the season. For more details on Tarsaughaun, please click here.

The Trout Lakes

Three Trout Lakes can be fished by arrangement with our resident Guide. They are stocked with brown trout some of which are being taken weighing up to 2 kilos. The most recent stocking was in 2018. For more details on The Trout Lakes please click here.

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