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The Trout Lakes

Shean Lodge fly fishing trout lakes
The Shean Trout Lakes can be fished by arrangement with our resident Guide. The combined area of the trout lakes is approximately 11.5 hectares.

The first Trout Lake is a 15 minute walk from the Lodge, which can be seen behind the lake in the photograph above on the right side in the background. 

The other two lakes are a further walk south of about 15 minutes, over the bog. These Lakes are larger than the one shown above; the Lake on the right-hand side in the picture below can be waded to the best advantage to reach the fish, although the fish have been known in the evening to feed practically on to the shoreline.

The lakes have been stocked with brown trout over many years; some of which are being taken up to 2 kilos. The most recent stocking of the trout lakes was in 2018.  The trout lakes can be fished with either wet or dry flies; advice is always available from our resident Guide.

The trout lakes are always a source of entertainment to our guests during their stay on the Shean Fishery of the Owenduff.

Trout Lakes at Shean Lodge