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Frequently Asked Questions

Shean Lodge Beat One at high water

These are just some of the questions we get asked about Shean Lodge Fishery, the Owenduff, and the Tarsaughaun River, but we'll be happy to answer any enquiries you may have, simply Contact Us

  • Where can I buy a licence?
    From our resident guide on premises

  • How much is a licence?

    Juvenile (under 18) All Fishery Regions All Season - €10
    Adult All Fishery Regions 1 Day - €20
    Adult All Fishery Regions 21 Day - €40
    Adult 1 Fishery Region All Season - €56
    Adult All Fishery Regions All Season - €100

  • What is check in time on Fridays?
    Clients are requested not to check in before 6.00 PM

  • What is check out time on Fridays?
    Clients are requested to check out by 11.00 AM

  • What is the procedure with captured fish?
    They can be returned to the river, stored in a fish house or frozen

  • Who do you contact in the event of a problem in the Lodge?
    Contact numbers are displayed for use by the client

  • How quickly can the river rise into a spate?
    Dependent on the amount of rainfall a significant fall will result in about 5/6 hours

  • What are the ideal fishing conditions?
    I wish I knew! Maybe a cloudy day, with a foot of water, a south west wind force 4, and  the fish in a good mood

  • What Flies are best?
    Again, I wish I knew! Maybe any of the old standards: Black Doctor, Lemon and Grey, Jock- Scott, Shrimp fly

  • Should you use floating or sinking lines?
    Spring fast sinker, summer intermediate and sinking tip lines recommended

  • Do you need waders?
    Generally no, but to fish either bank waders can be useful

  • What size rod is required?
    In big winds and spring time a 12 ft rod is ideal, later in the year a 10 ft rod can be suitable

  • Can a spinner be used?
    A spinner cannot be used - fly fishing only

  • Can live bait be used?
    No, fly fishing only

  • Can both river banks be fished?
    Yes, except for Beat 1, The Boundary Pool, and Beat 2, Rodgers Pool

  • Are pets allowed in the lodge?
    No, but a kennel is provided

  • Is it possible to drive the river to access it?
    There is no vehicle access along the course of the river. There is access to the Lodge itself and to the river at Cleary’s Bridge where Beat One and Beat Two meet. At the northern end of Beat Two there is access from the road to Rodger’s Pool.

  • Are the lakes stocked with fish?
    Yes, the 3 largest lakes are stocked with brown trout

    Shean Lodge Beat Two Maudies Pool